Coach: Curt Mandell
Package: Leadership Accelerator
Price: $6,000.00
Sessions Included:
  • 1 - Introductory Coaching Call
  • 11 - Coaching Session
  • 1 - Leadership Circle Profile debrief

When you take this program, you will:

  • get a deep sense of what is important to you and a clear vision of the kind of leader you want to be
  • define your core challenges
  • receive broad feedback on your leadership competencies and reactive tendencies
  • develop specific, doable development goals and action plan
  • enlist stakeholders to support your journey
  • dramatically increase your range and capability as a leader
  • embody the learnings by them practicing on the job
  • have more presence, confidence and effectiveness

How it works?

  • Using the Leadership Circle Assessment, you will get a clear snapshot on your strengths to leverage and reactive tendencies that are limiting your effectiveness.
  • Together we will develop a realistic, pinpointed plan to ratchet up your leadership
  • We will meet 2x per month for 1 hour, with actions resulting from each session
  • You will feel progress with each session, expanding your tool set and increasing your effectiveness
  • You will feel supported, guided and accountable 
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Total: $6,000.00

Total: $6,000.00